Big Data Hadoop Online Training Course

Krish Software Solutions is one of the Best Online Training Institutes best known for providing highly competitive Big Data Hadoop Online Training course. Listed in four different modules, i.e., Developer, Admin, Analyst and Testing. Some of the major topics covered by this master program are HDFS, ZooKeeper, Sqoop, Impala, etc.

Course Content

  1. Hadoop Course Overview
  2. Hadoop Training Course Prerequisites
  3. Hadoop Course System Requirements
  4. Hadoop Training Course Duration
  5. Hadoop Course Content
    1. Introduction to Hadoop
    2. Introduction to Big Data
    3. Introduction to Hadoop
    4. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
    5. MapReduce
    6. MapReduce Programming – Java Programming
    7. NOSQL
    8. HBase
    9. Hive
    10. Pig
    11. SQOOP
    12. HCatalog
    13. Flume
    14. More Ecosystems
    15. Oozie
    16. SPARK

What you will learn in this Big Data Hadoop Online Training Course?

  • Basic fundamentals of Hadoop
  • Writing applications on YARN
  • Learning to work on Hadoop components like HDFS, Hive, pig, MapReduce, Spark, Oozie, Flume, etc.
  • Configuring Pseudo-node and Multi-node clusters
  • Managing, monitoring, administering and troubleshooting the Hadoop cluster
  • Learning to work on Spark, Spark RDD, MLlib and GraphX
  • Understanding the concepts of Big Data Analytics
  • In-depth study of testing hadoop applications

Who should take this Big Data Hadoop Online Training Course?

  • Programming Developers and System Administrators
  • Experienced working experts, Project managers
  • Big Data Hadoop Developers eager to learn other verticals like Testing, Analytics, Administration
  • Mainframe Professionals, Architects & Testing Professionals
  • Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Analytics Professionals
  • Graduates, undergraduates eager to learn the latest Big Data technology can take this Big Data Hadoop Certification online training