DataScience Online Training

Krish Software Solutions provides Data science online training in detail learning in data science, data analytics, project life cycle, data acquisition, analysis, statistical methods and machine learning. You will learn and expertise to organize Recommenders using R programming, data analysis, data transformation, experimentation and evaluation.

What you will learn in this Data Science Course?

  • Introduction to Data Science in real world, Project Life cycle, and Data Acquisition
  • Study the tools and techniques of Experimentation, Evaluation and Project Deployment
  • Understand Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Learn the concept of Prediction and Analysis Segmentation through Clustering
  • Learn the basics of Big Data and ways to integrate R with Hadoop
  • Get trained about the roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist
  • Explore steps to install IMPALA
  • Live Projects on Data science, analytics and Recommender Systems
  • Work on data mining, data structures, data manipulation.

Course Content

  1. Data Science Training Overview
    1. Objectives of the Course
    2. Pre-Requistes of the Course
    3. Course Duration
  2. Data Science Course Content
    1. Introduction to Data Science
    2. Data
    3. Big Data
    4. Data Science Deep Dive
    5. Intro to R Programming
    6. R Programming Concepts
    7. Data Manipulation in R
    8. Data Import Techniques in R
    9. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) using R
    10. Data Visualization in R
    11. HADOOP
      1. Big Data and Hadoop Introduction
      2. Understand Hadoop Cluster Architecture
      3. Map Reduce Concepts
      4. Advanced Map Reduce Concepts
    12. Hadoop 2.0 and YARN
    13. PIG
    14. HIVE
      1. Module-9
    15. HBASE
      1. Module-11
    16. SQOOP
    17. Flume and Oozie
    18. Projects
    19. Project in Healthcare Domain
    20. Project in Finance/Banking Domain
    21. Spark
      1. Apache Spark
      2. Introduction to Scala
      3. Spark Core Architecture
      4. Spark Internals
      5. Spark Streaming
    22. Statistics + Machine Learning
      1. Statistics
        1. What is Statistics?
    23. Machine Learning
      1. Machine Learning Introduction
    24. Python
      1. Getting Started with Python
      2. Sequences and File Operations
    25. Deep Dive – Functions Sorting Errors and Exception Handling
    26. Regular Expressionist’s Packages and Object – Oriented Programming in Python
    27. Debugging, Databases and Project Skeletons
    28. Machine Learning Using Python
    29. Supervised and Unsupervised learning
    30. Algorithm

Who should take this Data Science Online Course?

  • Big Data Specialists, Business Analysts and Business Intelligence professionals
  • Statisticians looking to improve their Big Data statistics skills
  • Developers wanting to learn Machine Learning (ML) Techniques
  • Information Architects looking to learn Predictive Analytics
  • Those looking to take up the roles of Data Scientist and Machine Learning Expert

What is the Average Salary for a Data Science in India & US?

The average salary of a Data Science Developer in the United States is $118,000. The average salary of a
Data Science developer in India is Rs. 620,000.

Krish software solutions provides Good knowledge on Datascience online training and other technologies with the Real Time Working Employees.